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Intern Program

YEA has a reputation for excellence in training young people to be professional performing artists. As the only African-American youth theatre company in Atlanta , YEA is committed to nurturing these young people as they become adult performers. The end result of that commitment is the development of an Intern Company consisting of our older ensemble members and alumni.

The mission of the Intern Program is to create an opportunity for YEA alum and older ensemble members to mature artistically by providing them with guidance and professional performing arts training while earning a living wage in their field.


Professional Development

As our seasoned ensemble members grow into emerging artists, YEA identified the need to create opportunities for them to mature artistically while earning a living wage in their field. Though many companies in Atlanta are increasing the number of roles available to minority youth, many young people of color continue to find limited opportunities in the professional performing arts arena. This program provides a venue for these performers to produce their own productions and create tours for their projects. The Intern Program also allows these artists an opportunity to develop their skills as directors, actors, music directors, writers, dancers, choreographers, arts administrators and producers with the guidance of a professional administrative and artistic staff, as well as outside artists and directors.


Mentoring and Leadership

Interns play a crucial role in the success of the ensemble’s training program. Interns serve as mentors to younger ensemble members and occasionally lead workshops as teachers for dance and theatre training. Additionally, Interns often fill critical leadership roles in productions, including musical directors, writers and assistant choreographers and directors.


Program Goals
  • To provide an opportunity for our seasoned ensemble members and alumni to work in the professional arts arena.
  • To give our members the chance to experience the business side of theatre and theatre administration.
  • To deepen the impact of our Mentorship program by allowing our younger members to spend valuable quality time learning from more experienced youth that serve as role models.
  • To further develop our older members by providing them with master classes and the opportunity to work with a broader variety of directors and choreographers.
  • To expand our production activities and tour productions in high schools and colleges.
  • To build a network of well-developed performers who act as a support mechanism for each other.